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Our clients experiences

What a lot I have learned about my body and myself. I now feel taller, lighter, happier and more importantly my body shape is changing.

Your teaching has been really inspirational and I've frequently blessed the fates that lead me to you ( one being pneumonia ) so that's really saying something !

I have already recommended the Alexander Technique to many relatives and friends and would have no hesitation in doing the same to anyone seeking treatment for postural or muscular problems.

Letter from a sonographer at Luton & Dunstable Hospital - January 2015
Dear Beverley,
Thank you for all your help and expertise in the Alexander Technique, it has helped me to carry on working in sonography free of pain. In the past I have known sonographers to have career ending injuries, career limiting injuries, surgeries and to be working in limiting pain. In fact as you know I was one of those working in significant pain.
Since our department invested in strategies and employed you as an Alexander Technique specialist this pain has, with time, been completely relieved.
You assessed me individually and observed my working practices, working with me and guiding me with techniques to reduce my risks. Seeing you regularly I believe can identify new problems early, reinforces the new behaviours and reduces lapses.
The most significant changein me from having access to an AT specialist is the change within myself, particularly the awareness of self. The relaxation techniques and strategies that you helped me put in place to protect myself and reduce overwork of my ligaments and muscles, allow me to take care of myself whilst scanning, without reducing my duty of care to my patient.
Now I am able to scan without the accompanying pain and scanning days are not lost WRMSD.
Yours sincerely,
LB - Advanced Practitioner Sonographer

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